Friday, June 13, 2008

June 13, 2008

Here in my hometown, we are fortunate to have four stores that are considered discount grocery stores. One is a dollar store, the other is a grocery outlet and the other two are locally owned. It is with these stores that I create the basis of our food budget. Just the other day, I bought a 1/2 gallon of milk for 1.00. the pull date wasn't until 6/17. Noone was buying it because it was organic. well it was alot cheaper than what was offered at the local safeway @ 2 gallons for 5.38. Brown eggs were 1.00/dozen. Another great source of protein, cheap. Custard yogurt @ 6/case. that is how we are surving.

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Debra said...

I have 4 kids and a husband who works for the government. He will never make much and could make more in the private sector but wants to make a difference. I am a stay at home mom and have always been. When got married he make $21,000 a year. We saved up over $5,000 to buy our first home. It was 660sq ft and not pretty. Over the next 6 years we completely redid the entire house. Had two children and my husband made $30,000 a year. (Medical was $500 a month out of pocket) In all of this we still managed to save $14,000 and buy a bigger home just before the birth of our 3rd child. Of course we bought a fixer upper and started over again in redoing the house. For years we only had one car and it would take two hours in our med. sized town for me to walk a mile to the bus stop and catch a bus to take my child to the doctor. When I needed to go to the store I would call several people at the start of the week to ask if they were planning a trip to the store could I tag along to buy my groceries. We never had things like cable. We never go out to eat, the movies, buy prepared food. I have only in the last two years bought my clothes or my kids clothes at the store. Garage sales and boxes of bigger clothes waiting to fit were my lifeline. Let's just say the goodwill unless it was a yearly 1/2 off event was too much for my budget. My kids never went without anything they needed. I never let my kids get that only .50 or $1 item at the store. In other words every penny was accounted for. We never had debt other than our house payment and never bought on impulse. Yes my kids did not get fruits and veg. that were not in season and usually only the kinds that grew in my own garden and were frozen or canned by me. I buy all the on sale items at the store and stock up. During all of this our family has learned to be as self sufficient as possible. When our washing machine (we bought used) broke we went to the library and checked out a book and fixed it. If we wanted to watch a movie we could go get one from the library also. I believe that most Americans think they are entitled to have a lot of things. I believe we need to teach those how to make it on less and have less. My kids never even knew what chips and pop were until they hit school. I think freedom from debt, less extravagance and honestly cooking lessons would do this country a world of good. I even set my sister in law one day to the test. She wanted to order pizza I thought wow what a waste. I made home aid while she called in and picked up hers. They were both done at the same time. Mine was better tasting and I am sure more nutritious than the pizza place's, but how many Americans would say no way I couldn't do that it would take way too much time and I am in a hurry. By the way I moved and now live in a town with no discount grocery stores except for $ stores. I wish I had a grocery outlet store by me still.