Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What is a waitress mom?

I found a new word to add to my vocabulary: Waitress Mom. What is a waitress mom? Here is how the NY Times defines it: They are low-income working women -- not just those who wait tables -- and are mostly white and under 50 with a high school education. And while they may be Democrats at heart, they tend to sit out elections when they don't see the political debate as relevant to their families.
If you haven't watched the Roseanne clip from the previous post, do so or watch it again. This is the best example ever of a a waitress mom and it clearly possible these are the women who are going to determine if Obama will get the white house or not. Why? James Carville said it best: "Its the economy, stupid!"
Think about it: gas is nearly 5.00/gallon, eggs are nearly 3.00 a dozen. And if you have day care to pay for, your check that barely made ends meet, doesn't. So there maybe another job added. that adds up to more costs of gas/daycare. Its a never ending cycle.
SO why not go back to school? There always seems lurking overhead is the threat of removal of funding or changes in funding to help going back to school: For instance, the workplace tuition assistance program targeted working parents so they could go back and upgrade their skills so they could get a pay raise or retrain for a new job. The income guidelines were on net income, so a family of five @ 200% of the poverty line could use this: I used it to train as an LPN since my husbands salary as a school teacher was below their limit. But, the federal government changed it to gross income. We no longer qualified.
Another program here in Washington is the Insurance reimbursement program. If you have children on medical through the state (CHIP) and pay for private insurance too ( the state insurance is considered secondary, so whatever you private doesn't pay, the state does) they will reimburse up to 486.00/month.
It is these and other family affecting programs that the waitress mom demographic. If the candidate cannot reassure these women and their families that funding will not be created or already existing programs will be cut. And if Obama and other democrats want to be re/elected this fall they need to reassure these women it won't happen.

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